eCommerce connector programming example

Microsoft Great Plains is eCommerce connector, which allows eCommerce developer to integrate eCommerce web site with Great Plains Dynamics GP back end. In this small article we would like to give highlights on how to limit work with such kind of option. หนังใหม่ดูฟรี

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How do you limit work with such option? There are several methods. The first one is to create so called work report in GP: Work Report Wizard. It is built upon OLE functionality. You open eConnect grid in GP, hit the button “Create” and select MS Excel. It will create an work book and table and place them on the insert tab. In addition to the above step you need to close existing workbooks and open new ones in the newly created work book. This advice is intuitive, and works excellent with majority of GP versions: 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 7.5 SP1, GP 9.0 SP2 and current version 10.0 ( incompatible with 8.0 SP3 and prior). However, if you are on Vista, eConnect doesn’t work on this OS, but rather freezes it. ดูหนังออนไลน์ eConnect doesn’t use Microsoft Access technology, instead it uses it own stored procedures mechanism, in this case you should direct SQL insert to work tables: Service, SOP, POP, IV, Payroll, AR, AP, GL

  1. eConnect – Technology overview. eConnect was primarily designed to resolve user friendly and economic customization of Microsoft Dynamics GP. eConnect has so called developers dictionary, in this case what you need to do is change DLL strings found in Dynamics.dic to the ones that work with Microsoft Dynamics GP – Development. There are several ways to do this, the most popular and efficient is typing Dynamics.dic in SQL Query Transactor – this is the most powerful tool, use it to replace Dynamics.dic with the desired Dynamics.dic andDeveloper Tab->Tools->Resource Description->Tables;
  2. eConnect – Installation. You install it from CD #2, browse Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal and follow Web Services installation guide for eConnect. We do not recommend you to change GP user security, especially if you are beginner and not familiar with GP security model – in the case if you are beginner, be aware that eConnect deploys Dexterity utilities to gain access to GP user interface, security realm and passwords, plus potentially high-grade GP modules, such as ReportWriter, Dexterity Forms, MS Office Purchase Order Processing modules, Crystal Reports; แอบถ่าย
  3. eConnect overview. This SDK is in essence the integration tool, which allows you to integrate single constructions to GP as well as logic and objects: visits, which are often repeated (“goodbye”) and constructions (“here we are”). The nice features of eConnect are long list of enrollment stages, such as new buyer closing, opening purchase orders, general ledger opening, closing order, income computation, and several others. eConnect runtime is set of encrypted SQL stored procedures, allowing you to execute stored procs without restrictions on the SQL SQL tables, you can insert SQL statements directly into bill of lading lines
  4. WSDL Web Service. We recommend you to review Dexterity triggers in our article on Dynamics GP security model. However, if you need such nice features as recording sales orders via Web Services – than you should contact Alba Spectrum Technologies
  5. Ease of customization. As everything custom programming tends to go beyond the boundaries of GP user interface, you should expect that eConnect or Integration Manager customization might require outside consultant to be engaged for tweaking or even implementing the solution. This should be confirmed with the former Microsoft Great Plains ISV partner
  6. Great Plains Dexterity. This is the IDE and programming language of GP design, so expect as high quality programming professionals working on your project. However, please be aware that Dexterity is not object oriented language, and its object oriented constructs might be a bit confusing to begin with. หีน่าเลีย
  7. GP eOrder Web Interface. This is extension of eConnect, which allows you to create “browser-managed” Web applications to allow you to GP Sales Order Entry pages over the internet. However, this functionality is typically provided by additional connectors, listed as Extracts Connections andReferences in GP. As Web applications are technicalTalk for GP developers, you may consider drafting your integration as Web Service with eConnect technology
  8. GP Integration Manager. เล่นเสียว